About company

The company Decorprof was founded in February 2011. Our new and developing company, having 5 years’ history, has already become one of the basic importing and supplying companies in Armenia of producing metal-plastic and aluminum windows and doors, for equipments and machines, and different branches of construction. The company has sections full of modern and newest equipments, open and close wild stores and shops.


Import: Decorprof, being one of the importers of building and related materials to Armenia, the company has become one of the main suppliers of constructing companies and lawyers in Erevan and out of it. The firm offers a great assortment of aluminum and PVC profiles with their completing pieces, accessories for PVC and aluminum profiles , the whole assortment used in IGU , machines and equipments, composite panels, polycarbonate, various materials, glues, in other words, the huge assortment of windows, doors and related products for section, which includes more than 2000 names of products.

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