Qualified accessories make using windows as convenient and easy as possible and maximum prolong time of using them.

Between the accessories of doors and windows are windowsills, handles, hinges, answering machines, hasps, limited machines, triggers, clips, latches of doors and windows, rubbery tapes, assimilators, anti-insect nets, decorative openers, ventilating systems, vindicating and chromatic sheets etc. are considered to be accessories for windows and doors.

There are some necessary accessories as for windows have an aesthetic and attractive form, for example, handle, which our company is importing from famous company. The handles, which we offer, are differed from their ergonomic design, slight opening and high reliability. On the metal base of white and brown handles, as a vindictive sheet, there is plastic sheet, due to which they seem warmer.

And for example, limited machines of opening windows are replaced on windows and doors of balconies. Those limited machines give an opportunity to control air circulation in open position of windows, as well as restrict closing windows immediately in case of winds.




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