The glazing of facades is very unique and modern solution, which gives to building presentable exterior. The glazing of banks, trading and business centers, public and not public buildings, the variants of glazing, shades of colors and decorative items has positive effects on buildings and its surrounding areas. The existence of buildings like this, give faultless, impressive and unique exteriors.

The exclusive glazing of facades, as a rule, depends from the buildings architectural peculiarities. Not standard glass constructions, with their whole beauty and esthetic, also have character of being solid and reliable. Are durable under pressure, winds and pouring, that is why, the glass constructions at first are fitted with the peculiarities of the building and the climate.

In glazed buildings the degree of noise isolation reach to 30d, which means that it`s almost isolated from outdoor noise. Aluminum profiles which are very durable enable the inclusion of doors, windows etc. in glazed buildings. Usually the glazing of perpendicular and inclined buildings is done with the help of aluminum profiles.



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