Automatic doors

The construction of automatic doors are very simple, it consists of two main parts: the main door and the mechanism which provides the doors movement.

Automatic doors are being made from classic glass and wholly glazed. Doors with classic glass are the famous standard doors, the base of doors consists of metal substances and inside of aluminum window-frame is placed the glass. It can be not only rectangular, but also curved. Wholly glazed windows are made from solid glass. The doors like this give a sense of being unlimited and liberty.

There are several types of automatic doors: movable, telescopic, etc.

The installation of doors is being done very fast. At first are being reconstructed the constructions of old entrances, then the router of the doors are being installed, in this stage the important thing is mathematical exactness, it means that upper and lower routers should be parallel to one another.

Then is fitted electronic engine, which is being connected with the electronic system of the building, after the fitting, in the doors are being put photo-elements, which are also being connected with the main engine. After the fitting works, the client can decline the opening and closing modes. It`s possible to control sensitivity of photo-element, time and speed of doors movement.

The specialists of our company will help you to assemble and to make the automatic door you prefer, also to install it faster.


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