Composite panels

Facade of building is considered to be the business card of the company which it belongs to. Taking into consideration weather conditions, facades should be not only eye-catching, but also qualified. That’s why, during facing, it is very important to plan which material is convenient for assembling beforehand.

Composition panel is material endowed with peculiar qualities. First of all, assembling of composite panels provides perfect isolation of voice and vibration. Secondly, panels at the same time are very tight and elastic due to which they are sustainable against any environmental influences. Aluminum composite panels are being processed without any difficulty (bowing, making elastic, etc). Forms of panels are possible to change according to their designs and not deform only according to qualities of material.

Panels, imported by the company Decorprof, are wholly corresponded to this above-mentioned description with their advantages. Descriptive peculiarities of composite panels are also being easily used, chromatic wild spectrum and sizes as well as preferable price. The basic principle of our company is contenting all demands of our consumers with reducing expenses. That’s why we offer our consumers panels in standard sizes, as well as panels according to consumer`s preferable sizes. Slightness of panels make possible to transfer great amount of it without difficulties and do assembling easily with minimal expenses and forces. It is possible to raise panel in any height even without using any kind of technique.

The smooth form of aluminum composite panels gives possibility to keep facade always clean. Aluminum is not dissolved, as well as does not injure from weather bad conditions.



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