The production of PVC and aluminum doors and windows

Like PVC, aluminum also became very popular and estimated in recent years. But these two substances have many differences, which are worth to know. The suitable way of protecting from heat, noise and dampness is the use of RVC substance. Besides RVC is long-lasting, solid, very beautiful and isn`t expensive.

Plastic windows never modify, split from sun, puffed up from dampness. Worth to mention, that aluminum windows are of high quality and safe as PVC is. These are also long-lasting, solid, beautiful and are durable to the effects of the surrounding world.

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is artificial heat-resistant substance, which is made from natural commodities of petroleum and salt. It was discovered in 1835, but in the production of windows and door it was used since 1954. Due to its exceptional traits, PVC is the famous substance in the production of doors and windows.

Aluminum was discovered in 1827. Many years have passed and today many new methods have been cultivated for producing aluminum. Nowadays the production of aluminum doors and windows in based on the aluminum mixture which contains magnesium and silicon.

Magnesium adds firmness to the mixture, and silicon contributes to raise pattern traits of aluminum. Mixtures like this are used in building sphere worldwide. PVC profiles are made by the method of plasticity. PVC with other additional substances is being warmed until turning into glutinous and homogeneous mass. It is being compressed by special forms, after that it is being cooled. The result is hollow window profile, inside of which are special fractions, which form the cell. Due to this cell is prevented from noise and heat.

The duration of the production of aluminum profiles is carried out in special cavity, which presses the aluminum by special slots. The process of pressing includes several stages: preparing and heating of the material, putting the material into container, basic process of pressing, shifting of the material, putting profile into container and artificial wear of profile.

So PVC and aluminum doors and windows have several similarities, which provide their wide spreading. Mainly the basic peculiarities are: thrift of energy, protection from noise and being hermetic, long-lasting, interior, rich colors, easy usage and being ecological.

In the productive company Decorprof are made PVC and aluminum doors and windows having all these traits, qualities and corresponding to all international standards.



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