The design of facades

The revetment of facades with composite panels is considered to be innovation. The most widespread ones in modern facade construction are aluminum composite panels. And it is so, because aluminum has several natural peculiarities which are very suitable to use in open areas for frame constructions.

Our company carries out the revetment of facades with composite substances, in the bases of clear calculations and advanced equipments. Due to aluminum panels is possible to carry out different types of constructions. Panel is being constructed in clear measures, which enables to solidify facade system in any construction. The inner ventilation system of frames prevents from moistening and prevents dirtiness by automatic mode.


The revetment of facades with composite panels enables to create ventilation facade systems, which have several peculiarities:

  • Stableness towards corruption,
  • Stableness towards climate,
  • Lightness and flexibility,
  • Mechanical and constructive firmness,
  • Fire-resistance,
  • High hygienic trait,
  • Easiness of service,
  • Continuing term of exploitation.




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