Fitting and installation

The duration of use of windows and doors, not only depends on materials and quality, but also on professional and right installation and fitting, which are the most important stage.

It is not preferable to install doors and windows without specialist, as show our experience results, that the problems caused after the installation are the results of wrong installation and fitting.

This kind of works may be carried out only by the participation of high qualified specialists. Also the right marking out is very important, if it is done in right way, it is guaranteed, that during many years the doors and windows will never be out of order.

During the marking out one should take into consideration all demands of client and the construction of flat. It is possible, that the measures of flat will not coincide with the measures of doors and windows, as after dismantling window-cells are widened.

Problems like this are solved immediately by our experienced and informed specialists. The professional installation enables to change windows and doors at winter. The result of wrong measurements of doors and windows is causing mould, gaps, problems of opening and closing etc.

So, the right assembling, installation and fitting are the guarantee of long-lasting of your doors and windows.


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