Making banisters

It`s hard to imagine stairs without banisters, as the banisters give firmness to stairs, also give esthetic attraction.

Mainly the banisters are being metallic and perpendicular, sometimes even with woody handles. Worth to mention, that metallic banisters can be perpendicular, also horizontal, parallel to axis etc. So depending on consumers needs, banisters can be of various types.

The metals used for banisters are being processed also it is possible to get substances endowed with unique traits by fusing several types of metals. But in this case metals are not being soldered, as high temperature will destroy several metals.

During the installation of metallic banisters is carried out electronic solder, which perfectly consolidate necessary parts, also enables to consolidate tight the metallic banisters. The most important function during installation of banisters is soldering.

The role of banisters is not only protective, but it also gives beautiful interior and is very important part of staircase.



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