Polycarbonate is a plastic of high quality, which has wide sphere of enforcement. This new substance is used not only in construction, but also in the fields of advertisement, military service and industry. The plastic contains items of convenience and elastic, that is why the constructions made from it are not only tight and reliable, but also colorful and unique.

Polycarbonate, due to its inner construction and physical traits, is very convenient for constructing greenhouses and winter gardens. That can serve up to 25 years. Polycarbonate is also very convenient for sheds and roofs. Polycarbonate is also used to made shields and protecting hats.

In trading centers it is used to made shelves, shop windows and partitions. Due to this transparent and solid substance not only separation of sections is possible, but also creation of beautiful interior. Polycarbonate is also very convenient for sport complex, in construction of tennis courts, hockey boxes and cloak-rooms. Besides, designers and architectures use this substance in doing constructions in geometrical shapes.

Monolithic polycarbonate is mostly used in construction, due to which are glazing balconies, doors and windows. From this solid and transparent substance made cabins, also use for construction of advertising constructions, for example, various colorful boxes, signboards, banners and stands.



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