IGU is one of the basic elements of modern glass construction and is hermetic part of window, consisting in 2 and more glasses which are separated with special rim. Aluminum rim is charged with special kind of concrete, which absorbs in it odd damp and makes difficult arising dampness in IGU.

Warmth and voice isolating characteristic features are settled with quality of IGU (and not with the amount of profile booth). The most important advantage of IGU is also being hermetic. Which exclude penetrating of dust and damp in IGU. Being hermetic is connected with primary and secondary hermetic sheets in IGU. Primary hermetic sheet is considered to keep hermetic in edges of rim, and secondary hermetic sheet keep it on the whole surface of IGU.

Depending on the construction of windows, IGU may have different amount of booth, and may be charged not only with air, but also with inert gas.

ADITEK sealants are available in 33 kg packages at "Decorprof" stores. "ADITEK" polysulfide sealants are used for reliable sealing of glass.




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